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The BC at a global airline was outperformed by 5 times the expected impact due to improved targeting activities and new ways of working

We can tell more about how this result was supported by design and activation of new ways of working for cross-functional teams at Brand & Marketing and Digital channels

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A large swedish FMCG company transformed multiple teams into new agile ways of working

What did we do to support the whole Marketing department to go agile, just ask us!

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By working agile in cross-functional teams a financial institute is able to work more efficient and deliver improved customer value

Do you want to know more about how new ways of working can deliver better customer experience and more fun at work for the cross-functional teams?

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A financial actor performs fully personalized data driven campaigns every day

How did we help them to implement the right tech-tool and create a customer journey and insight framework?

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How a global airline increased conversion rate with 15% and order value by 6% thanks to personalised web campaigns

Want to know more about how we managed to increase their reach in marketing activities through omnichannel 1-2-1 personalization efforts?

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Inbound personalization at a nordic retail group increased online revenue by 10%

Curious to know more about how the nordic pet retail group managed to develop and increase their online sales through personalized online experience?

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